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Introduction to Apogee WA: PDF Upload and Page Approval system

Welcome to an exciting new way of interacting with us!

Our :Apogee WA allows you high flexibility in delivering files to us and checking your pages. You’ll have the ability to review, approve, reject and annotate your pages online, right from your computer. What’s more, the system is available to you day or night, seven days a week so you can log on and work whenever it’s most convenient for you.

We are pleased to introduce to you our :Apogee WA system.

Here’s a brief overview of how the process works:

  1. Log in and create the new job in our self service portal (see more wa-start-new-job)
    We can also create a digital job for if you send us an email.
    Then you will be notified via email when the job is available for you.
  2. You start the uploading of your documents. 
  3. After the upload of pages, you can assign them to the pages, in the desired order.
  4. The system then starts preflighting and processing your documents into online digital proofs.
    When processing is ready, system will send you email.
  5. Log on again and review your pages.
    Or download the usual Softproof PDF and review.
  6. If they look good, approve them and you’re done.
    If you find a problem, reject the page, upload your replacement document and repeat the approval process.

Once you’re done, Apogee WA automatically routes your approved pages through our production system. That means that we can get your job on press quickly without the need for additional approvals.

We’re sure you’ll find Apogee WA easy to use, efficient and beneficial to your business in both reduced proofing costs and time savings. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you’re experiencing any difficulties using the system. Our goal is to make it as simple and straight-forward as possible.

Video tutorials

Here you can continue with video tutorials.

So welcome to our online proofing and approval system. See you online!

If you need more info, please check AGFA online info.

Downloading the Softproof PDF from WebApproval

Here is simple screenshot how to download Softproof PDF out from WebApproval


Yes, you can use FTP and WA portal at the same time. At the first time, when you are not so confident, you can upload via our FTP server (or our Dropbox page ) and our prepress operator will move your files to Apogee. But we are sure that later, when you feel more confident, you will upload files in Portal too. We evem have possibility to connect your FTP account with your WA portal account. Just ask us.