Certifications, permits and awards

Our clients can use following certification logotypes on their products, if their product meets the certification criterias.

EST07319B PEFC/19-31-02 5041 0787 EE/028/001
- P: min W 17 mm
L: min H 12 mm
Min text size 6 pts. Min text size 6 pts.

Download the certification logotype for print product from Product Certification Logotypes Download page.

Kroonpress owns the following certifications:

Management Certifications

ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification

ISO 14001 is an international standard that defines the requirements for environmental work carried out by certified businesses, e.g. structured feedback on environmental performance through targets and action plans and regular internal and external inspection, with constant improvement as a basis, is required.

  • Kroonpress Ltd holds an ISO 14001:2004 environmental management certificate since 2001 (certificate).

Environmental certifications

PEFC Environmental certification

PEFC certification ensures that forestry operations meet a set of environmental, social and economic criteria covering compliance with laws and international treaties, land-use and indigenous peoples’ rights, community relations, biodiversity conservation and maintenance of high conservation value forests, among other things. PEFC logo can be put on PEFC-certified paper. Products which are printed at Kroonpress can be labeled with the PEFC logo which certifies that the paper used for print materials has been produced and supplied without any damage to the forest ecosystem and that all the chains participating in the production of the print materials have an PEFC certificate.

  • Kroonpress Ltd holds a PEFC Chain-of-Custody certification (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes) since 2009 (certificate).

The Nordic Ecolabel environmental certification

The Nordic Ecolabel is the Nordic countries official environmental Ecolabel. It look at the entire environmental impact of a printing company’s activity - everything from the choice of paper approved by the Nordic Ecolabel to good routines for environmental work. In that way, the Nordic Ecolabel can contribute to a better work environment, reduce the use of chemicals and create less impact on the climate. The Nordic Ecolabel logo on a printing object is a symbol that ensures that the entire printing production is environmentally reviewed from paper, printing and the finished product.

The EU Ecolabel environmental certification


The EU Ecolabel helps identify products and services that have a reduced environmental impact throughout their life cycle, from the extraction of raw material through to production, use and disposal. Recognised throughout Europe, EU Ecolabel is a voluntary label promoting environmental excellence which can be trusted.

The EU Ecolabel guarantees:

  • Low air and water pollution during paper production and printing process
  • Reduced environmental damage or risks related to the use of hazardous chemicals
  • Increased recyclability

Certificate logotypes on products

Our clients can use following logotypes on their products, if their product meets the certification criterias.

In order to use our certificate logotypes in your products please inform our Sales Department to get confirmation.

PEFC logotype Nordic Ecolabel logotype EU Ecolabel logotype


Nordic Ecolabel ENG

EU Ecolabel

Certifications are donated by European Union Regional Development Fund.